Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs

Evokes the harsh environment of oil rigs. Some very good things fall onto your canvas Thalia!

Posted on Mon 16 Apr 07:32:48

Thalia I love it too. A great example of a split complementary colour scheme. Guy

Strong and emotive painting Thalia, great complimentary colours.

Wow Thalia, so different to your usual/recent subject matter. I agree with Guy about your striking colour scheme and with Carole about the feeling and drama here. It makes me feel I want to get out there and paint something completely different...hmm my brain is ticking! Very well done.

Gosh Thalia this is so different to your other paintings, I'm sure it looks wonderful on your wall.

It's fantastic Thalia, a lovely work of art, no wonder you are proud of it, 😀

It has it all Thalia, a very exciting painting, see why you love it.

Stunning, a real eyecatcher and I love it too!

Wonderful vibrant colours Thalia.

Thank you everybody! I think it does everyone good to get outside their accustomed boxes once in a while!!! Our son Richard has always loved the sea. He started us all diving when he was only 14...he takes the ROV to 2000m!!! Sees some amazing creatures. I'd love to visit an oil rig...one day perhaps! This was several pictures in one, and it just painted itself and a ghost shouted at me STOP!!! My art tutor, unfortunately long dead!!! Thank you Ibolya, some bad things too!! Yes, Guy split complementaries often work. Thanks Carole, and Tessa...hope you post your 'different' stuff and Margaret! Thank you Linda, Fiona, Louise and Sandra, you're all very kind!

It draws the eye and makes you think and love the strong, bold colours, Thalia - great when you get a painting so quickly.

Beautiful painting, Thalia. I love the colours.

Very different from your usual work, Thalia, but very striking.

Thanks very much Maureen Ellen and Seth. You've all brightened my day as I've made a huge mess today on the plein air I started yesterday...one for the big paintover I think!!! Can't waste the paper eh!!! far too tight to waste anything!!!

This painting has an energy that suits the subject, love the way you applied the paint freely, Thalia.

Love the colours and vibrancy Thalia !!

Thank you so very much Gudrun, Annick and Audrey, for looking and commenting!

Hang on Studio Wall

This has got to be one of my favourite paintings that I have ever done! My son is a ROV pilot on oil rigs, this is my response to pictures he took. It literally fell onto the canvas in 20 minutes and now hangs in a place of honour in our lounge! I cannot explain why I love it, but if I need a bit of inspiration, I go and look at it!!! It's just one of THOSE paintings!!!

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