Barley Bales

Barley Bales

Lovely, Thalia. Difficult subject I imagine with all those golden shades. I’m intrigued. You are a prolific artist. Where do you store all your work?

Excellent result from the sketch you posted the golden sunlit look. There's one oddity maybe my old eyes aren't reading left between the trees there's an oblong shape in yellow ocher with something in/on it...what's that? Doesn't really matter, a fine painting, and I like a little mystery.

Gorgeous golds and yellows.

Thank you, Seth, it was the golden shades that attracted me. to answer your question, we have our own small rented gallery where my hubby sells my work...very cheaply, as we have to cover the rent!!! Thank you Lewis for your very sweet comment. Ah! yes, of course if you don't know the area...our buildings are local yellow stone, hewn from the rock,are Arabic in shape, a bit like lego cubes!!! This building, not a house, like the one in the other corner, intrigues me, too, as it has an old rusty wheel attached to the bit that sticks out! I've not painted the wheel in. Going to do a picture of it sometime soon as it's really a very good shape to paint!! Thank you Ellen for your kind comment.

It's turned out well Thalia, beautiful golden tones.

Lovely warm cast feel to it..very nice.

gorgeous! Very impressionistic!

Beautiful warm colours in this glorious painting😀

Thank you very much David, Andre, Rachel and Margaret for your kind and generous comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Have been working on the tones in this, warming up the sky a little, highlighting the eucalyptus trees with some sunlight, and glazing the foreground with transparent yellow oxide. I've made a little more of the road leading down to the sea at Qbajjar Bay as well.

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