Life Drawing 3rd October 2018

Life Drawing 3rd October 2018

Yes, that's what it's all about Thalia. Persevere; those that left maybe were looking for something else, the real artists stayed on...Nice work.

All good practice though Thalia. Well done :)

That's so disappointing Thalia. Hope the class can continue.

What a shame Thalia but your tenacity shines through.

Thank you, Jim, Louise, Marjorie, and Carole. Many of our class have visitors [ I would just leave them to their own entertainment!] We lost our regular model and will have to pay for them now...hopefully only 80euros for 28 sessions...peanuts ay!!! The 2 who left will return...they went to the bars!!! Fingers crossed for next weeks installment of the life drawing Saga!!!

Hopefully more will come back next week. The rest of you certainly can improvise, and this is great sketching Thalia.

Enjoyment, that's what its all about! Great sketches.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oh dear! 15 people signed up for our life drawing class, only 6 turned up, and no model! 2 left immediately, and the rest drew each other, including our lovely tutor! Messy ad hoc stuff but I enjoyed myself, that's what it's all about i guess!

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