Ready To Go Fishing

Ready To Go Fishing

Love the clingfilm effect Thalia so effective, you have achieved great depth with shadows. Lovely.

Love it. You can do no wrong with these lovely boats. The cling film effect has worked well, I'll have to give it a try.

Oh wow, I love the rocks. Fabulous work with clingfilm. You have made it look so easy to use.

Works very well indeed Thalia.

Great cling film effect Thalia, its a gorgeous painting.

Yes Thalia the cling film has really given good results on the inside of the cave, great rock formation and gorgeous colours to boot 😀

Never used anything like that, but if it works go for it. Super stuff Thalia.

It works, brilliant effect!

Perfect,love the colours and the effects, Thalia.

Terrific effect Thalia and lovely colours as ever.

Thank you, everyone for your kind and encouraging comments as always! I used to use cling film a little, then went off it. Thought I'd try it out for a change of rock formation and really left it overnight to dry thoroughly before removing the film. Then i deepened some of the striations again, thanks Carole, Lewis, Carolyn, Sandra, Margaret, Linda, Alan, Jennifer, Annick and Jim, much appreciated

Very nice painting Thalia , you made it very colourful

Love that technique, Thalia, and your description of how you used it once the paint had dried. Great scene and painting. Bri

Great effects Thalia. Reminds me of visiting caves in Italy, where an orchestra pops up to entertain.

Lovely painting. Next you'll be telling me you cook a full English on your palette 😁

Would never have guessed re clingfilm! Looks great.

Thank you very much, Dennis, Brian, Carole, Alan, and Margaret. Not a chance, Alan, I'm strictly vegetarian!!! Had to chuckle though!!! Just out of interest, I've discovered that the more screwed up the cling film is, the better, and leaving it as long as possible, with a heavy weight on it, makes it work best.

Hang on Studio Wall

I used enhanced cling film techniques in the cave here for a change and felt they worked quite well. i deepened the shadows under the rocks even more when the paint under the cling film had dried.

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