You've flummoxed me here, Thalia, I don't know who it is...but I like the painting very much.

You have put so much expression in the face with such a limited palette Thalia. Beautiful.

Good work, Thalia.

I'm an old romantic! Just listen to his operas and my paint brush does its own thing! He is of course Verdi!

His eyes are really something Thalia. Super watercolour!

Thank you everyone! I so enjoyed painting him! He leapt onto the paper straight out of Nabusco!

Fantastic! So much skill showing through this Thalia.

Posted on Tue 20 Feb 14:47:26

So much passion it this portrait!

Ahh i knew it was Giuseppe!!! I personally prefer Wagner but my grandmother who has sadly passed away now was an opera singer and Verdi was her favourite composer.

I bet it was the chorus from Nabucco which inspired you Thalia. Its a great favourite among the opera fans.

Love the courage of th3 abstract well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

Simply could not resist having a go at painting this ... very fast and obviously from a photo! I've taken about 20 years off him! Who is he???

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