Lunch In Kempinski

Lunch In Kempinski

Also love this, the dark tones and silhouettes are super. Must have been enjoyable to do.

Love the atmosphere of this, Thalia.

Love it. One of my favourites of yours.

Very good, especially the highlighted figures. Have got to ask - where is the Kempinski Hotel ?

It's gorgeous, Thalia, and the arches look deliberate so I wouldn't give it a second thought. Makes you want to sit down and join them for lunch. I noticed this one immediately. Wonderful atmosphere with a traditional feel. Bri

This looks good Thalia, I love the silhouettes of the diners and your arches are super …….

You got loads of dosh, Brian? I'd love to eat there...tea hee! Tea I could just about afford there!!! Richard, this is Gozo's poshest hotel, and very expensive! I had paintings for sale there for three years and go and paint on a regular basis, to promote my work and workshops. Thank you Tessa, it was one of those rare occasions where the paint felt like painting itself, thank you Seth, the hotel does have a lovely friendly atmosphere, thank you Peter, Thanks also Richard, Margaret and Brian. one day we'll all sell loads of paintings and have a huge celebratory meal there together!!!

That's a lovely piece of work Thalia, the figures in silhouette really stand out, and the arches look fine to me, that's what's great about painting it doesn't have to be perfect, perfect paintings don't do anything for me, I'd much sooner see brush strokes than something that looks like a photograph 😀

Love the curves of the window and the couple in silhouette. Very clever lighting Thalia.

I love this! Reminds me of Le Dome in L.A. I don't think your "flexi" was needed. Very Organic.

A great atmospheric painting Thalia, and love the architectural details.

Interesting scene - good painting, Thalia

Very eye catching Thalia, love the darkness of it at the way you've caught the shiny floor.

Thank you very much Skylar and Carole...I only look at my warts, if you know what I mean!! Thank you, Chandra, Maureen and was that shiny floor that attracted me in the first instance!

Hang on Studio Wall

Really enjoy painting in the Kempinski Hotel. I started this and then an obliging couple sat in the window so I quickly ticked them in. Loved the lighting on the shiny floor and the banana trees outside. Pity I didn't take my flexi curve with me to get the arches accurate!!!

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