St Nicholas Siggiewi

St Nicholas Siggiewi

Both lovely pieces Thalia

I like this more so your going in right direction

Lovely work Thalia. Which medium did you prefer?

Thank you very much Dennis and Dennis, thank you Marjorie, too. I don't have a preference, whichever I'm working in at the time...until I get a senior moment again!!!

Two lovely paintings. This one is the favourite of the two.

And its worked well Thalia, a super piece with energy.

It has depth Thalia, not easy to achieve at this angle. So well done.

Thank you very much Gudrun and Alan, and John, I think the depth was achieved by peering round the huge bus that arrived, when that eventually went, a gigantic lorry stuck itself in front of me and the final straw was the white van. At that pint I gave up and drew the doorway and nonogenerian who'd been chatting me up !!!

Lovely lively painting Thalia I like the other one too.

Two super paintings Thalia.

Love it :)

Thank you Carole Margaret and Alan. You're very kind

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the tiny oil completed from the watercolour. I tried hard to keep the spirit of the watercolour and painted this really fast .

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