I can easily see why that's a favourite Thalia. Lovely.

It’s interesting to see a piece when first started out, and this one has good impact Thalia. Thanks for sharing.

A lovely piece of early work Thalia, stunning colours.

It evokes memories for me for how Xlendi used to look, 20 years ago! Such a pretty unpretentious tiny fishing village, trees along the prom, umbrellas and no huge tents...just one huge restaurant now and hardly a luzzu in sight [wooden Maltese fishing boat] Thank you, Jim, yes, John, i always was a bit heavy handed with my colours!! Does create impact if a bit in-your-face!!! Thank you Carole, that's kind of you!

Lovely vibrant colours, Thalia.

Thank you Seth, you're very kind

Interesting to see how you started with oils.

Great colours 😃

A powerful painting Thalia, I just love the bold style.

I enjoy your vibrant colours and over Mediterranean.

I love that textured background and the colours! I've lost count of my favourites from you. This is definitely one of those.

Posted on Tue 17 Apr 17:12:29

Love very much your choice of colours,especially turquoise, Thalia.

Such a good composition Thalia and I love the colours here.

Beautiful, lively, terrific first attempt at oils.

Thank you very much, Margaret, Linda, Alan, Richard, Ibolya, Annick, Louise and Sandra, you're all very kind my colours are for real! They are the colours I see around me most of the time here. The light is spectacular!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of my very first attempts at an oil painting. Before this I had used mainly water colour and acrylics. It started life plein air, but the waves increased even more and I beat a hasty retreat! I was attracted by the intense turquoise of the sea, against the red of the umbrellas. Another of my favourites on my wall!

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