Sunrise Over Xwejni Bay

Sunrise Over Xwejni Bay

Wonderful I must take myself outside and try some of this open air studio stuff.

So do we Thalia, although it is a nice spring morning.

I think I wish that too Thalia. You managed to simplify another complicated subject. You are so skilled.

Posted on Sat 21 Apr 11:39:48

There's absolutely nothing better to help train your eye than plein air, Jeff! Thanks for your comment, and Stephen and Ibolya. I used the leftovers yesterday to paint the darks in, Ibolya, that and the fact I was working contra jour again helped to simplify it for me!

Thanks for the painting, Thalia. I’ve saved it in iPad gallery.

Lovely photo and painting, Thalia. Great to see them together. Brian

Will you please stop making me envious, it's not fair!

Awww, Thanks Seth! Thanks too, Brian and a thousand apologies to Alan, for making you envious...however, looking at, and remembering, all the scenes I used to paint in the UK also makes me envious! This island is a mere 7x13km, so this limits opportunities to some extent. Finding POL has been such an eye opener and help line!

Wow that looks so good Thalia!

Thank you Margaret, that's very kind

Hang on Studio Wall

This is on for Seth and others yesterday who said they felt as if they were beside me!!! I wish they were!!!

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