Mevagissey Sunshine


this is gorgeous. so warm and vibrant. I'm there ☺

This is lovely Thalia. A beautiful gift I'm sure your son will love

Delightful, makes me want to be there!

Bright and colourful.

Recognised your style in the superb painting Thalia.

Amazing painting, Thalia.

It’s a lovely painting Thalia.

Beautiful, I'm sure your son with treasure this.

Well done. My eye goes to the central house in the middle ground row of houses. What is the grey shape beneath? Nice, bright colours.

What a lovely memento for your son. Like how you have painted such an assortment of boats and buildings. Didn’t recognise this as yours because it has a more structured feel to it but I would imagine that’s because it’s a British scene, rather than the wilder beauty of the Med’.

Thank you so very much for your encouraging comments,Alicia, Marline, tessa[me too..but only with my son and my!] thank you Stephen, Shaun, Heather, Raissa, Paul, Liezel,'s the steep cliff face! Thanks Margaret and Carole, yes, I agree, too much so, but couldn't seem to get it more painterly..too much like a photo!!!

What a super painting to give to your son. The big, blue boat is very striking.

Lovely painting Thalia, love your palette

Thank you very much, Romila and Sarah

Beautiful scene Thalia.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have repainted this scene, from sketches and a photo taken many years ago, putting much thicker and richer paint on. Destined for my son's new home in Malta. Twenty years ago he used to live 5 miles away from Mevagissey.

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