Dawn Sketch

Dawn Sketch

Such a nice thing to donThalia with a lovely result. Not possible at the moment here in north Wales... wet , cold and miserable. But I did hear some brave bird trying to be positive .

A splendid sketch, Thalia.

How adventurous of you, with an excellent result. But I think I will just stay in bed and wait for Hubby to deliver my breakfast.

Lovely sketch, Thalia. Do you paint on both sides of each sheet?

You're brave at dawn, but it's a good piece.

Love these 'instant' sketches they capture the moment nicely.

Super sketchbook drawings Thalia. We should all use them on a daily basis, I do.

Well...I was brave yesterday...but got blown away twice, once at dawn, then in the main street of the city, trying to capture the band and the statue in the Easter parade...I'm old enough to know better!!!! Sylvia,all I heard of the birds was the shots of some****ing hunter again. Thank you, Lewis and Dennis. Most sensible idea, Linda, thank you for the lovely comments.It depends, Seth, what takes my fancy, and I prefer landscape shape to give me a wide expanse, and yes, I paint/draw on the back of each page...I'm a tight.a***!!! Thank you Derek,Willie, Maureen, Alan and Margaret. Yes Alan, I sketch and paint every day, and usually work up my sketch into a painting. Nothing compares to working plein air or from life.

Super sketch Thalia, you brave soul.

Thank you Fiona...not brave, just stupid and compelled to an inner need to express what I see around me!

Hang on Studio Wall

Whenever the weather is good in the winter I take my small sketching bag out and sketch as the sun comes up. This little sketch is the lovely scene from the opposite side of the village where I live, which faces east , I tried to indicate the fact that the road goes steeply downhill, but then got distracted by the carob tree!!

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