Country Walk


What a wonderful end to a doodle. It is most effective.

That was quick David! Thank you.

Great doodle that turned into a very nice painting Tessa.

A little smasher Tessa and, yes, would make a lovely painting too

A real eye-catcher, Tessa. Great!

Beautiful result fresh and spontaneous.

What a little cracker Tessa! It would make a wonderful painting, especially if you treated the foreground in a similar fashion. That space in the foreground makes it for me, it concentrates the eye on the subject.

Lovely painting, fresh and energetic.

Many thanks all for such lovely and positive comments! Fiona, yes I think you’re right about the space. I’m always conscious that we paint normally in set shapes to fit boards/canvas and frames, but views and subjects in general don’t necessarily fit all those edges! Something to consider…

Lovely Tessa you know what they say. From little acorns!

Lovely happy accidents.

Lovely doodle Tessa, agree with everyone that it would make a good painting.

Many thanks Katy, Romila, Chris, I think I will do a painting as a follow up. Visitors this weekend, but will have a go after that.

Nice sketch would make a really good painting.

Nice one Tessa, love the marks a nice rugged feel to it all.

Yes, I like this, a good composition to develop into a painting Tessa. I also agree about keeping the space in the foreground.

Thanks so much David, Willie and Diane. I’m pleased that the space left has hit home!

Lovely & full of energy

Hang on Studio Wall
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Finally picked up some pens and started a doodle which turned into this, having got some ideas during my walk earlier in the day. This is A4 with Fude pen and Tombow watercolour pens. The Fude pen hadn’t been used for a while and produced some scratchy marks which I quite liked , happy accident! Could become a painting?

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