Who’s In Your Christmas Bubble!?


This is great, certainly brought a smile to my face Tessa

This is brilliant!! Thank you Tessa. Have a lovely time whatever you end up doing. We are going to be anti-social and eat lots of nice food.

Thanks Hilary and Gudrun. Whatever we can’t do, we will still be able to eat and drink too much! x

Yes made me smile. Have a good Christmas Tessa.

So original and topical Tessa. Have a great time and enjoy everything. All the best to you and yours Tessa.

Excellent one, Tessa. Just me and him is the answer. Happy Christmas!

This is brilliant Tessa.

Excellent work and great humour.

Thanks so much Christine, Carole,Marjorie, Denise and Dixie for your kind words and Christmas wishes. Much appreciated.

Great fun Tessa!

Great idea Tessa. It's a mad world at the moment, confusion reigns. I think a lot of bubbles will pop, because that's what they do.

Thank you Fiona and Lewis, good point about the bubble Lew!

Clever, good one Tessa

So topical, made me chuckle! I like Lewis’s comment about bursting bubbles too. Have a great Xmas, whatever the bubble.

Ooh lovely idea Tessa, hope your bubble is very enjoyable:)

A conundrum we share all around the world. Love your take on it, Tessa. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Thanks so much to all who have commented on this, so glad I could make you smile! Seok, especially thanks and good wishes for 2021 wherever you are! Great to think this site reaches far away lands. 😊

Brilliant idea Tessa and well executed!

Hang on Studio Wall

The news at present is all so bizarre, this idea occurred to me! Pen and wash A4 in Fabre Castell pad. Hope it makes people smile.

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