Life Outside The Garden Gate


I think the title says it all, Tessa. A lovely sketch.

This is a lovely sketch Tessa just as life is at the moment!

Saw it on the Forum and liked it so saying here too.

The message is made much more poignant by keeping the foreground (inside the gate) black and white. Good one, Tessa.

Great sketch. Just walk through the gate for the one hour daily walk !!!!

Thank you all for your kind comments and for seeing the point!

Brilliant title, I agree with Ellen, it says it all.

Great topical scene. Oh how we long for the day Tessa. Your ink sketches always work so well.

Thanks so much Katy and Carole.

Lovely sketch, Tessa.

Thanks Jenny!

I like images that are grounded by gates, doorways and windows. This is excellent.

Thank you David. I do too.

Nice picture, I love how the colours draw you through the garden gate

Many thanks Liam.

Emotive! Makes you wonder if anyone is going to pass from the left or right, child? Pet? Mother with pushchair? Cyclist? Anything or Anyone? Or, of course, no one. Interesting how an absence creates stories.

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While my husband dug a new flowerbed in our front garden yesterday I sat and sketched this which I’ve put on the Forum as well. (Finished with watercolour later). I started to see it from the point of view of those who can’t get out at the moment, where the world outside the gate is the real and colourful world, so I’ve only added to colour to that. Alternatively it might be that inside the gate is the real world at present? Or maybe I’m just cracking up!

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