You are my Canvas (Self Portrait)

You are my Canvas                                                                  (Self Portrait)

First of all, Susan, the idea is great! Thinking outside the box ( what I try to do ). I would say this is a success, why aren't you happy with it? I like the colours ( restricted), I like the quirky idea. We are so self- critical, I don't see what you do, I just see something interesting. Definitely don't scrap it!

Definitely don’t scrap it Susan, you should see the state of my attempted self portraits....dire I can tell you. I agree with Marjorie, it’s interesting and very good.

Agree Susan, its a very interesting subject and portrait

Thank you Marjorie, Fiona and David for your positive comments. I am pleased you all find it interesting as it was my intention to do something a bit different. I do agree with you Marjorie, we can all be so self critical and that's one thing I am guilty of along with not knowing when to stop!! The main reason I'm not happy with it was because it didn't quite come out the way I envisaged, probably because I'm still learning and lack the experience. I found it challenging and, to me, the brush still doesn't look quite right. However, your kind comments encourage me not to scrap it, but to revisit it at a future date and perhaps do another.

Susan I think the portrait is really good, and from your photo, an excellent likeness. If there’s anything odd about the brush, I think it’s just that it looks to me like it’s turning towards the viewer. It’s convincingly and very clearly a paintbrush but it just seems to bend between the handle and the bristles? Apart from that it’s a super composition.

Thank you Tessa, that's it exactly! I wish I could just physically take that brush and turn it slightly, it would be much easier lol. Once again thank you everybody for your encouraging comments, I'll keep practising.

I like the bold angular shapes and the originality of this painting Susan.

Super composition Susan - love it

Oh no don't scrap it Susan, it looks good to me. Keep it until you do your next selfie and then you can compare!

Wow, thank you Carole, Lynne and Margaret for your lovely comments. I won't be scrapping it now Margaret and will do another soon to compare.

Please don't scrap it! I painted something like this a few years ago. It's a good composition and likeness and I love the colours, well done.

Thank you so much Fred. I am pleased to hear you did something similar as I have never come across anyone who has. I'm definitely not scrapping it now after all the encouraging comments I've had and will definitely try another soon.

I love the use of blues throughout your work, it gives each work a vivid quality

Thanks for looking at my gallery Liam and for the lovely compliment too. It's very much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

I wasn't going to put this on the gallery as I'm not particularly happy with it. I tried to do a self portrait in a pop arty style, painting you (the viewer) as my canvas. I found it very difficult to do and I don't think it works at the moment, so any advice as to how to proceed, or even scrap it would be most welcome.

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