Grandad and his beloved Field Marshall Tractor

Grandad and his beloved Field Marshall Tractor

What a wonderful surprise for your husband Susan! It has a wonderful feeling of nostalgia.

Faithful rendition of the Field Marshal Susan and a lovely story to boot. I love to see these tractors at agricultural shows, they need a cartridge and hammer to start them and they seem to have a shunting motion due to the single cylinder engine.

A magnificent accomplishment. Capturing the dapper old man with the Field Marshall is really well executed. You can be justifiably proud of your success here. Well done Susan.

Thank you Fiona and Carole for your kind comments. I wanted it to have that nostalgic feel and am pleased you felt it too Fiona. Thank you Frank for your lovely comment. My husband is a Field Marshall enthusiast and he too loves to see them at shows. Alas, I confess that I don't know much about them at all and I merely painted what I saw. Thank you too Steve for your encouraging comments. I must admit that this particular painting was a labour of love. I'd given myself a difficult task really as I'd only been painting for 15 months and I knew it had to be right. So now I know my husband loves it, I suppose I do feel proud of my achievement on this occasion.

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My husband’s grandad was the salesman for Marshalls (tractors), Gainsborough during the 1940s/50s. His occupation would take him to different parts of the world. A perfect gentleman, he would always be smartly dressed for the occasion in a black suit and bowler hat as you see him in this painting standing next to his beloved Field Marshall. My husband had an old black and white photo of his grandad. He had, over the years tried to commission a painting of him with a Field Marshall but, sadly, was let down. Well, unbeknown to him, I just couldn’t resist having a go. The composition is mine although I did use the photo of grandad and used reference photos for the tractor in question. With trepidation, I gave it to my husband Christmas morning. I’m pleased to say he was absolutely thrilled with it. Phew, relief for me because yes, it was his grandad, I’d achieved a true likeness and yes, it was the correct tractor! It’s been framed and now takes pride of place on the wall.

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