House for sale!

House for sale!

With those chimney's I imagine its listed. Nice sketch, almost want to so the left side with the bay window.

Good sketch, Stephen, with a personal twist. Maybe get a painting done before it sells, as it could change a lot!

Looks lovely hope it doesn't change Stephen, it must have lots of interesting history.

Lovely job Stephen yes I'm turning it into a disco 😁

Thanks Trevour, I think there are a number of rare features with the building. The feature on the left is actually a small extension, I have painted it several times previously in my p.o.l. portfolio.

Thanks, Pat, Carole, and Dennis for your kind comments. I would prefer a tea dance Dennis! It became a Convent in 1907 and a lovely chapel added. To the right hand side of the main building is a lovely large garden with a variety of fine trees. I don't think it would be an easy building project to take on, hence the modest selling price for such a large estate.

A snip at that price Stephen! I hope they will be sensitive in it’s remodelling and observant of their neighbours privacy. Great sketch, get as many as you can before it changes....if it changes.

Many thanks Fiona, if it was in a more affluent area I'm sure it could be wonderful but I do wonder if it is viable in Oldham! The council's usual method is to ignore such properties until the are dangerous and then demolish them. I suppose they then could extend the little estate I live on. Reminds me of that old song, 'they are all made of tricky tacky and they all look just the same'.

Yes, I agree Stephen, a super little sketch of a lovely old house.

Many thanks Alan, hope you are feeling better after your Chest infection.

Hang on Studio Wall

'The Grange', for many years a Convent and before that a rich mill owners house is up for sale. As it is at the bottom of my garden, I was interested enough to look at the advert, a snip at £850k! Hope they don't change it too drastically, it's like an old friend!

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