Crystal Bowl, Fruit

Crystal Bowl, Fruit

Excellent still life. Amazing how Krita digital oils can make it look so much like paints from the tube.

So fresh and crisp Skylar!

Wonderful Skylar. Love the glass bowl.

Fab-u-lous. The glass fruit bowl is amazing.

Your digital paintings are amazing Skylar! Having done a tiny bit of digital work, I think you must have a LOT of patience as well as skill :)

Lovely colour harmony Skylar, and you handled the glass very well.


Excellent. Love the glass bowl.

Truly scrumptious

Pat - Thank you! Yes, I find Krita and ArtRage to be my favorites. I started experimenting with Digital paint about a decade ago.

Carole - Thank you so much! I am always happy when you comment.

Carole Kelly - Thank you! I actually decided to make myself crazy with all those facets.

Janet - Thanks so much!

Margaret - Thank you! In the beginning, it was an arduous process, as I learned the process. Now, I think I paint as quickly as I do with traditional paints.

Michael - Thank you! Color is something I'm a bit fanatic about. Over time, I've developed several "Palettes" which I use.

Thanks so much, Tony!

Lynn - THank you!

Tony W - Sorry, I missed your post! Thanks so much for your comment!!

This is an absolute beauty Skylar, the crystal bowl looks wonderful as does the fruit.

Unbelievable! The glass is amazing.

Thalia - Thank you so much!

Margaret - Thank you so much! This was quite complicated.

Carolyn - Thank you! One could go blind defining all those facets. Don't look too closely, It isn't perfect!

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A Bowl full of fruit. Orig.size appx.13x17". Krita Oils.

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