"Books,Brandy, & Bloom" (An Ode To Dalhart Winberg,Texas Artist & Teacher)

"Books,Brandy, & Bloom" (An Ode To Dalhart Winberg,Texas Artist & Teacher)

The blur in the background is characteristic of lens blur in photography and not live observation. But I think that is one of the beautiful things about photography. I really like it seeing it in paint. It's beautiful!

Seamas - I'm so glad you commented. Your works affect me. That "Blur" is a gimmick I use, just because of photography. In real life, we don't see that, because we adjust our focus as we sweep across an image. I know it is a conceit, but I love to do it. Thank you so much. Often, there isn't much to say, because we are all so polite! (Mostly- I've had my moments)

My pleasure. Your painting is gorgeous!

Looks like a Mutual "Appreciation" Society is swirling around...Thank you!

What a lovely painting, really like how you have done the book pages. I looked at your other work and really like those as well.

Annie - Thank you! I am pleased you took time to view my other postings, as well.

Suzanne - Thanks so much!

Sandra - I appreciate the comment. Thank you!

I love this Skylar! Three of my favourite things!

Margaret - Mine, too! Thanks for being so supportive!

Wow Skylar, that book is amazing.

Jim - Thanks so much!

Beautiful painting! I aspire to paint like this some day!

This is beautifully painted Skylar, love the way you have painted the glass and rose, indeed all of it.

Nandhini - I don't think you're that far behind me. (so to speak) The wonderful thing about being an artist is that there is always something worth aspiration. Thru my life, I have always wanted to be better - That still happens.

David - Thanks so much! the glass is actually quite exaggerated with contrasts and hi-lights. The trick is to make it look like that is exactly as it should be. Roses are a personal favorite.

I too like the blur in the background and such a classy painting as always!

Posted on Wed 06 Sep 10:55:05

Ibolya - Thank you! This was challenging. Keeping things this tight isn't my natural inclination.

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A stillLife based on his style. Appx 8x10" Oils. (I am a past student.)

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