Bello #1

Bello #1

Hellooooo! Haha! X

Posted by T T on Fri 06 Jan 23:05:22

I would like to say to all the wonderful Artists and people associated with this forum that I hold you in Great Regard! This was the first place I had courage to post the Digital works I had begun creating. I was welcomed with such warmth, and friendliness. This is Still My Favorite place to share my works!

Tania- OMG, girl...

Thought i was looking in the mirror for a moment lol then i woke up. Seriously keep your work coming skylar its a pleasure to view

paul - thank you so much! If I could, This would be my perfect guy.

Terrific work, what a looker!! Skylar you do great work we enjoy it.

Is Bello a digital hunk Skylar? :)

Phew! He's certainly got it!

Paul- I'm pretty sure I was channeling you when I painted this!!!!

Carole - We can always create something perfect (or close to it) Right!?

Louise- "Bello" is indeed Digitally painted. From Scratch. I'm sure I dreamed this face.

Fiona - I have painted many "Perfect" faces, which I name "Bello", followed by a number. I don't usually post them, But this one is "Number1" for a reason.

Russell- Thanks so much! This was certainly an exceptional effort.

Fabulous portrait Skylar, I love looking at your art whatever medium it is so keep it coming.

Margaret- Thank you so very much! I went many years without painting, and when I started again, this was my First site I dared to share. Honestly, I always considered my work less than what I wanted it to be. Perhaps things are changing...


Ruth- Thank you for your comment!

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