Break-Up Betty

Break-Up Betty

Michael - Thanks so much! I'm usually too much of a perfectionist to show this stage of a piece.

I look forward to the next one. The eyes are already fabulous.

Brilliant work as usual.

Gudrun - Thank you! I always start with the eyes.

Linda - Thanks so much! This is a very ambitious piece - I hope I pull it off!

Margaret - Thank you!

I'm a little confused about this argument over your paintings, Skylar. To my mind you are a digital artist, like quite a few others on this site. It would never have occurred to me that some of your work was "photo manipulation" and I think it a shame that you have felt the need to defend yourself by proving your method of working. However, having said that, I am glad you have as it is very interesting to see. I love your work and hope that you have not been put off the site. With digital art improving all the time I think it can make some people suspicious. Carry on the work, it is beautiful!

Adele - I appreciate your comments so very much. No, I have not been put off. This is still my Favorite place to share my works. I have always identified my digital work, with the caveat that some day one would not be able to tell my digital from my traditional pieces. I think I am there.

I have had a look at your finished painting. Just my opinion which is as subjective as the next person, I prefer this. This has a depth the other one doesn't quite convey. It's probably because this is the result of an immediate response.

Gudrun - I appreciate the input. I almost didn't post the finished one for that same reason. Something was lost in the refinement. Thanks!

Hang on Studio Wall

The last item I posted was a piece of Rust, of which I was accused of "Photo Manipulation". I Have Never Done That! I am a painter, who uses all media, to produce a piece. (including Digital). If a piece is digital, I always say so. This is blatantly a Sketch...A step you wouldn't see normally, because it is in progress. Appx 9x12". (This is inspired by an experience I just went thru.)

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