On the beach revisited II

On the beach revisited II

For me, the drawing works better than the painting. I think it is that the upper lip in the drawing is so delicate and perfect, but it loses a little of this in the painting (which I understand as I have a lot of problems with mouths when I do portraits). The angle of the mouth is very difficult in the composition so hats off to you for tackling it so well. The overall portrait is charming.

I like the hair, really detailed and well drawn Sharon.

Thank you all for your feedback. Really helps me to perservere.

Your pencilwork is great, the picture beautiful.

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Cropped version of “On the beach” : I first did a preparatory sketch for the shapes and values, before making the definitive drawing and painting. I like this a lot better than the watercolour version, somehow it portrays a childlike quality. Maybe I’ll just stick to pencil in the future.

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