Floating Leaves

Floating Leaves

Beautifully done Seok, reminds me autumn is just around the corner.

delightful seok . very nice piece

Not tried a gelatin plate, I am loving the combination of colours in this super print, well done Seok.

Love these gelatin plate monoprints, Seok, such interesting detail and textures. (Reminds me I was going to do a few leaf prints before everything gets cut back for the winter.)

I love the colours and the the beautiful delicate shapes of the leaves, Seok! The composition is a real pleasure to the eye.

Just as there are hints of autumn here at the moment Seok, this is a stunning reflection of this time of year.

Wonderful work Seok, great textures.

I really like these prints Seok.

Unusual and beautiful.

Wonderful, understated but striking. Well done Seok

Have you tried printing on to fabric Seok? This would look fabulous!

Thanks very much, everyone! Christine, I've not tried fabric printing though I have been tempted. However, I think fabric printing requires a different type of ink, and my studio is currently like a pigsty, with acrylics, watercolor and printing materials everywhere. I thought I shouldn't add to the swill by throwing another lot of art materials into the mix!

Very effective. Great textures and I love the tracery effect.

Seek, I agree it would need a whole new range of inks and materials but I would really love a scarf with this pattern printed on it!

Lovely delicate painting

Lovely Seok, beautiful colours

Thank you very much, Gudrun, Christine, David Douglas and David Johns!

Nice style Seok and i like the delicate effects here.......

Hang on Studio Wall

Monoprint. Printed using a gelatin plate.

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