Pirate Ships of the Desert at Giza

Pirate Ships of the Desert at Giza

I like this a lot. Putting the figures at the bottom of the picture makes a good composition, well done. Happy New Year!

I too like this a lot, as I do all your works. However......................I'm no expert, (far from it!) but I do have a problem with the groundwork rising into what I expected to be a skyline. Seems a little "odd" to me. It suggests looking down on the subjects, yet we are looking at a side view. For my taste I would liked to have seen a high skyline, perhaps with a hint of pyramids in the distance? that said - still a nice picture!

I agree with the comments: it is a beautiful watercolour. But like Tony comments: it sugests looking down on the subjects and it seems a side view. I think it needs a sort of a horizon.

I just like it, well done Seok.

Thank you very much, Fred, Kirstie, Tony, Mia and William! I wish you all the very best for 2011 and look forward to many more of your postings, all of which I enjoy very much. Tony and Mia, it is very interesting that you suggested the skyline and the pyramids on the horizon. The actual photo I took was on an elevated plane but looked like it was taken from the side, so the painting is a fairly accurate depiction of the photo, BUT my first attempt at this painting actually did have a skyline and pyramids, because I had exactly the same idea that you had. However, it did not turn out very well, so I discarded it and did a more faithful copy of the photo. Thank you very much anyway for your comments, which I will keep in mind and perhaps will somehow incorporate in a similar painting I intend to do in the near future.

I too like the composition with loads of sandy background, painted with beautiful delicate washes. ( cheeky people!!)

Works well for me, great composition and subject.

I too love this as it is, makes me feel I'm in amongst the sand dunes. Thank you for your kind comments on my last posting, much appreciated.

Thank you very much, Carole, Lesley and Val! I wish you all a very happy amd healthy 2011!

Lovely work Seok. I love the delicate colour and wash of the ground. Happy New Year also to you!!

Thank you very much, Satu!

I just love it!!! great work well done:)linda

Thank you very much, Linda!

This is very, very beautiful. The composition is great and the colour is sensational.

Thank you very much, Ping!

What a wonderful watercolour, so fresh and vibrant. The medium at its best.

Thank you very much, Beatrice!

Have just spotted this painting - what a gem! I think its really striking.

Thank you very much, Annette!

Thank you Kirstie! Didn't even know there was a category for that!

May I offer my congratulations Seok on your making the 'Top Ten' galleries , Well done and may I say deserved, thank you for taking the time to comment on my work it is always appreciated.

Thank you very much, William, you are very kind. And your very inspirational artwork is well worth commenting on!

Well done Seok on making the top ten, it's a nice feeling isn't it.

Thank you very much, Fred!

oh now i think i want to go ...........supurb use of empty space, with an almost surreal look. The colours are poetic against the sand....

Thank you very much, Dave!

Having been browsing through the portfolios and I have now seen your portfolio and they are all great paintings especially the one above.I would have liked to have painted this one myself but I am sure I couldn't have done it justice.I would also like to thankyou for the encouraging comments you have made regarding the pictures on mine.I am new to this site and think it's lovely to get such feedback. Thankyou Joy.

Posted by Joy Lee on Tue 29 Mar 15:31:37

Amazing ! the colours of their clothes make it look really good.

Thank you very much, Benita!

Hi Seok here I am again! Yes I know what you mean. Way back in 19 68 I hitch hiked across the Sahara to Timbuktu with a mate of mine .I had the same confrontation in Gisa but saw it coming ,so I walked! You live & Learn! Barry

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Camels and riders heading towards the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. I called them pirate ships because their owners would zero in on unsuspecting tourists, agree on a price for the camel ride, and after the ride was over, not allow their prey to get down until a separate, additional "tip" was handed over!

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