they look like anemones Satu lovely colour combination half close my eyes and can see them in the sunlight excellent

Vivid colours with black centers, definitely anemones Satu, it's a great combination. I know what you mean about not painting for a while, then having that prickle of fear when you go back to've broken the spell with this one, you'll be okay now Satu!lol

Thank you very much David and Fiona for the comments and encouragement. Isn't it silly that after well over thirty years of painting one can be scared of an empty canvas?! Fiona, you said that I'll be okay now so I will, thanks.

Beautiful colours Satu. The depth and properties of light remind me of the vivid colours in a stained glass window. No nerves for me here, only pleasant security and confidence.

Thank you Michael for your kind comment, very much appreciated.

Can tell they are anemones, great colour Satu.

Beautiful matching colours, Satu, and very nice flowers.

Wonderful colours and style, Satu.. super painting!

Well, you're off to a flying start. No trouble in your re-start at all!! I look forward to more.

Thank you very much Carole, Cesare, Heather and Gudrun for your kind and encouraging comments.

Very vibrant and strong Satu - I hate starting with a white canvas, I'm less scared if it has a coloured ground.

Thank you Marjorie, I also prefer a coloured ground but in my haste started with a white one.

Wow cool this is a great painting Satu this style for me is your best its superb and I love it.

Lovely and vibrant Satu.

I know that feeling so well Satu. I seem to have spurts when I can't stop painting and then for some reason I grind to a halt. I blame it on the weather! You've made a good start with these flowers and hopefully they'll be no stopping you now.

Thank you so much Dennis, Henry and Louise for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.

I feel like that all the time !!! Then I just start putting the paint on and I just keep going and hope that when I put it up I get feedback of some kind, and I have only been painting for 9 months. This is beautiful and the colours are stunning.

Thank you very much Donna for your kind comment. You have just started a marvellous journey and will gain confidence with time. I'm going to have a look at your work in a minute.

This is just stunning, Satu! I love the lost and found lines and the wonderful, expressive brushwork. Superb!

Hang on Studio Wall

Two whole weeks without painting anything and I felt really nervous when I put my white canvas on easel. First attempt was a disaster, too many colours and messy. This morning I started again and it felt easier. The flowers are imaginary but they look a bit like anemones I think.

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