Behind the facade

Behind the facade

Ah, a 'blind, upside downer, one-liner', did I just say that? lol What a fabulous result Satu. So many interesting, abstract shapes and isn't it satisfying when you open your eyes, turn it the right way up and look at the result? My eyes are travelling right round the drawing and I love this!!!

I'm impressed! A "blind upside down one-liner" sounds impossible to me!

Thanks Louise, it’s very satisfying indeed and amazingly accurate. I wouldn’t be able to do anything as interesting as this right way up. It would be stiff and boring.

Thank you Margaret, give it a try and you’ll see.

Blimey Satu, blind and upside down....terrific result.

Wonderful loose drawing - I look forward to seeing the painting made from it!

Great sketch especially as done blind and upside down - I'm really impressed!

Thank you very much Fiona , Matthew and Sandra for the lovely comments, I might add some colour to it but now that Matthew mentioned a possible painting out of it...hmmm.. worth considering.

Some accomplishment and a great result - well done you.

Love the shapes you made with your line.

It should be impossible, well for everyone else excluding Louise probably!. Quite brilliant, and interesting Satu.

Thank you very much Alan and Dennis! As you see, Alan, it’s not impossible and with a little bit of practice it becomes easy and addictive.

Brilliant! I love to do this kind of drawing, too, so much you can learn! Love it, Satu!

I'm in awe Satu, what a result!

Thank you so much Thalia and Val!

Hang on Studio Wall

This a blind upside down one liner of a narrow lane near the National Gallery London. It was such a contrast to the street next to it, dust bins, rubbish,dirt but I knew that I’ll use the photo one day.

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