Absolutely superb Satu exquisite

This is gorgeous. I love the composition and the colours.<br />

Well Satu, this is tremendous stuff, sounds a great art group for you, paintings don&#39;t get any more expressive than this.

Blue and orange greatly combined!

Wow Satu, it&#39;s wonderful! Really love those colours!

You look as tho&#39; you went for it! Very expressive, and love those reds.

Thank you so much Dennis, Jane, Alan, Ivan, Christine and Marjorie for your kind comments! Always much appreciated.

Really good wish, I could go to your art group. I&#39;ll gain inspiration from your work instead, fab.

New group new start and a lovely expressive new piece Satu

Beautiful and Amazing Satu, Love it so much :)

Thank you very much Helen and Derek!

This new group must be a terrific inspiration to you Satu because this is a cracker....a fire cracker! Stunning piece of work, love it.

Great abstract painting, Satu, very fascinating.

A stunning contemporary abstract. The distribution and choice of colours are spot on. A great painting.

Many many thanks Fiona, Cesare and Andre for your encouraging comments.

Obviously made a good choice with this new art group Satu - this work is gorgeous. I love the colours and the impressionistic design. Look forward to seeing your future work with this group.

Wow, this is stunning

Absolutely stunning, Satu! I love that warm evening glow with the deepening shadows and the superb textures and brushwork. You seem to have found a perfect fit in your new group!

Thank you very very much Julie, Glennis and Seok for your kind comments!

This is super, Satu, love the blues and oranges with that splash of red, and a great composition.

Lovely use of colour Satu. Almost abstract but we could be looking across a lake? If so, I wonder what the red telephone booth is doing there?? A painting where the imagination can run riot and you can see whatever you want to see. Excellent.

What a beauty Satu ! The colours are glorious and ........ just love it!

Thank you very much Jenny, Michael and Avril for your lovely comments! The telephone box is there to create mystery and to add something bright, Michael. And yes, it is a lake.

Those colours are superb together and that splash of red is magic. I think this is my favourite of yours to date Satu.

I can&#39;t add anything Satu apart from my admiration. Beautiful work.

I must admit not normaly my kind of thing Satu, but I find this fasinating, I am seeing a lake with a sunset reflection with trees on the far bank with bullrushes in the left foreground and poss someone in a red coat on a promantory ? who knows, What I do know is I love the colours and there is just something about the whole thing that appeals to me, just shows, never close your mind to anything.

Fabulous, and great use of colour.

Thank you so much Gudrun, Val ,Russell and Malcolm for your kind comments! <br />This painting has only three colours in it plus white and a tiny bit of Payne&#39;s Grey. I have a big bag full of acrylics and then my new teacher asked us to use only the primary colours and it&#39;s just amazing what can be done. I had forgotten the simplicity of mixing but will certainly remember from now on. Malcolm, I like the idea of somebody in a red coat! It&#39;s all in the viewer&#39;s mind.

Thank you very much Frank!

Beautiful eyecatching colours Satu!

Thank you Chandra, very kind.

what an extraordinary luminosity comes out of this work, Satu! Impressive, not to say (a new manner of) impressionist...<br />

Thank you very much Jacques!

What a striking abstract piece - your colour choices are superb- love it

Thank you very much Lynne!

I arrived late, it is all been said. Wonderful. Satu!

Thank you so much Cesare! Very kind!

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I have joined another art group where everybody uses acrylics or oils so it's perfect for me. Last Thursday was the first day with them and I really felt at home. This pinky landscape is the result of that morning. Acrylic 50cm x 50xm.

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