St. Malô

St. Malô

Each piece of colour, tone and each mark fit perfectly for me Satu. A clear abstract actually.

Brilliant Satu, it is so evocative of a rocky, sandy cove and the colours are wonderful!

This series has been a resounding success, keep going and let's see more of this style and I am interested in how later works will develop,.

Again your painting is abstract but with a clear sense of subject even without the title! Can feel the sun and heat Satu gorgeous.

Glorious colours Satu - the orange really glows against the blues. I can really feel the heat.

Thank you so much John, Michael, Christine, Alan, Carole and July for your lovely comments.

Agree with the others, real feel of sunshine.

Very happy, vibrant work Satu, this is the kind of abstract I like, where the location is still observable. We can imagine the blocks of colour being rocks, trees etc. Very cleverly done.

The workshop is proving very satisfying for you and us Satu, must be a good tutor. This is smashing.

Satu, you have such a fabulous eye for colour...this is another stunning painting!

Satu, you have such a way with colour!! Lovely shadows on the sand!

Helen, Dennis, Stephen, Derek, Fiona and Chandra, thank you all so very much for your comments. They are always much appreciated.

Stunning colour combination that is so vivid and joyful.

Great abstract, Satu, love the strong feeling of sunlight emphasised by the shadows on the beach.

you have captured the feeling of sunlight beautifully Satu the blues really sing due to your use of complimentary colour excellent

Thank you very much Georgiana, Jenny and David for your generous comments.

Full of sunshine Satu.

Many thanks Gudrun and Sarah!

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this after the last workshop still very much inspired by the sand dunes and cliffs.

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