Still life with dark background

Still life with dark background

I knew immediately this was yours Satu, I love the colours and the way they 'explode' out of the vase. It's perfect as it is.

I'd definitely leave it alone! The colours are fab and I like it...very dramatic and eyecatching work Satu.

Thank you Christine and Louise for your kind comments,

I really lke this. I guess if you wanted to add a bit of orange as a contrast you could, but I love it as it is.

Just love this splash of colour, it just explodes.

These colours work beautifully; as well as flowers I see butterflies. Exuberance personified.

I like this as is, Satu - very dramatic and full of life!

Lovely colours in this still life Satu and thanks so much for your recent comment on my watercolour puppy, delighted you like him so much, and that you like mu new posting today of the watercolour dog, it felt a little out of my comfort zone in have to admit but I did really enjoy doing that one, I do so many pastels portraits these days it is good to make sure that I can still do them in watercolours, thanks again xx

Lots of drama in this one - I like it a lot!

Fireworks!!!! Love it Satu, a great statement piece.

Thank you all Hazel, Karyl, Gudrun, Seok, Ros, Debs and Fiona for your lovely comments! Very much appreciated! Hazel, there is some orange in the centre of the flowers but it doesn't show very well in the photo.

I think you should make loads more mistakes if it ends up producing work like this!! Wonderful vibrancy, superb colours and just a delicious painting.

I agree with all the previous comments, a vibrant exciting painting Satu.

I like it how it is Satu. No need to add anything!

Thank you very much Thea, Val and Carole for your kind comments!

Wow, I am sorry I missed this posting - I must have been asleep! This is superb Satu. as Christine has said it explodes of the page with its vibrancy. well done!

Thank you very much Julie!

I really like your last paintings.

Thank you Eva! Very kind.

Thank you very much Eva!

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I was going to do a still live with apples, a pear and flowers using only three colours and white. All started very well until I realised that the fruit were much too low on the canvas and it was quite too late to reposition them. So I covered them with blue and made the flowers hang down a bit lower. Should I use more colours, what do you think?

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