Great Grey Owl ( Watercolour Approx 7"x 5" on Arches 140lb Not )

Great Grey Owl watercolour

Tricky but you've done a really good job

Well done Bob not easy in that situation.

A really good painting of a tricky subject -- you have simplified the feathers well and I like the subtle colour scheme

Thank you for your comments. I have an apology, in that I don't leave comments on other paintings as much as I would like to, but being a full time carer for Diana with her Parkinson's Disease is increasingly taking more we expected. Painters on Line is an excellent facility for us all, and we don't take it for granted. Thank you all who make this available!

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Another of the birds at Liberty’s Owl Raptor and Reptile Centre at Ringwood, that my wife and I saw a few weeks ago. Again, not easy to get a photo of because of the mesh in their lovely aviaries. They really do care for their birds. Not very easy to paint either, in spite of using a pretty limited palette...all those feathers that need simplifying!

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I'm an amateur artist who started to paint in watercolours about 1990, when I found that the watercolours I admired in galleries were way beyond my price range. My thinking was that in time I might be able to produce paintings that I could hang on my wall at home, and be happy with. At the…

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