Morning Walk


Great drawing and one with which any dog owner would have empathy with - made me smile!

Amazing drawing. I like the different view, great idea to do it from the walkers perspective.

Superb drawing, love the overall sepia look, but there are subtle hints of other colors in there. An intriguing path...lined with...gravestones?

Many thanks Heather, Paul and Lewis. Regarding the path, in days of yore, they used line the paths with slate to keep the sheep from straying. A cheap and cheerful way as there is plenty about.

They certainly do look like gravestones don’t they? This is a wonderful drawing with super limited colour added, sets off the scene beautifully Stephen, but do let us know the story of the stones!

Brilliant as usual Stephen !!!

Excellent Stephen. Imaginative with good colouring.

Beautiful drawing, Stephen.

Interesting composition Stephen. Missing my dog walks since I injured my knee.

Many thanks Tessa, Linda, Richard and Cesare. It appears to me, but what do I know, that these riven slates were a relative quick and easy way to enclose a field as opposed to building a time consuming wall. They are placed side by side so producing a solid barrier but time has taken it's toll!

Super drawing Stephen, I do like the high vantage point and those excellent dogs.

Great ink drawing - like the trees and the overall effect.

Excellent work Stephen.

Hang on Studio Wall

Nothing like been taken for a walk!

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