Ian, This is facinating. The viewer needs to keep looking - I love anything with water myself. Your work is incredible. I love the raindrops. The Kingfisher is a lovely touch. It's almost photographic. Anyway, love all your work Jeannette

I've seen your work and I honestly think they are amazing!!! Lorraine

This is amazing. It is truely like water raining on a page. Beautiful - what a breakthrough, I shall await mine now

brilliant so real..chris

I have just discovered your other paintings, as they didn't come up all together as some others do. wow, I am blown away. amazingly beautiful Dom

Thank you for you comments this painting has just been selected as a finalist in the US magazine ;the artist' 25th annual art competition (wildlife section)

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Raindrops After turning full time wildlife artist this was a turning point for me. I had been painting full time for 6 months (April 07) and I was taken by the ripples and light in water from the raindrops off the overhanging branches and I decided to watch and study the way light reflected and the strong darks and lights of the water. This has now become a theme and a mission for me and one I enjoy immensely. Try explaining what you are doing starring at the water for hours. One of my favourite birds finishes the scene. This won an award at the Wildlife art society internationals annual exhibition.

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