Alcohol inks on tiles ( for Carole)

Alcohol inks on tiles ( for Carole)

Val, this is brilliant! It really works.

Looks good to me !

Well, I think this is great. Fantastic colours and I see fossils.

Beautiful and lovely colour Val

I love this Val, a really interesting variety of shapes and colours.

Lovely contemporary abstract Val, so colourful I will have to try scratching out 🤔

Lovely flamboyant design Val

It's tremendously creative and expressive, I thought it was worth developing...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm lucky in the fact that we get to try all sorts of different things at my art club so can decide whether or not we like it before spending money. I enjoyed the evening of alcohol inks and glad I tried it, but not enough to buy any! I've learnt a little restraint after filling a cupboard with "bad" buys LOL

Beautifully vibrant Val

Love the brilliant intensity of the piece, Val. The colors work superbly together and I love the very effective use of lines and shapes.

Lovely colours and textures here Val.

Hang on Studio Wall

My first attempt at alcohol inks on tiles at my art club last year. I had fossils in mind when I did this but there is no real control over the medium and I alson went mad with the colours :) It's not very good, although good fun i won't be using them again . I just posted it to show Carole,.

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