Dendritic Drone

Dendritic Drone

FANTASTIC!! Val this is brilliant, you clever girl!! You've upped the game with this

That's a really clever idea Val, we all know what's going to happen now, the gallery will be full of dendritic bees - a new species!

It was only a matter of time and effort. Lovely Val

Brill - now you've really forced me to put my thinking cap on...!

GREAT Val, love it :)

Val this is a cracker! The dendrites have been put to good use here😄😄

Very clever idea Val, well done.

Very clever indeed Val and what a wonderful result!

Brilliant and very clever. I have no idea how to do dendritic art - please enlighten me?

I tried it on the work top Val and it only works if you still use a piece of glass on top to squish the paint and then go on to lifting the paint off either surface. I ended up with a mess......luckily it wasn't the kitchen worktop!

Killing two birds with one stone! Such a clever idea, Val, and it's a cracker!

This was just a bit of fun so thank you everyone for your generous comments. I&#39;m now going to have to source some more glass ( managed to break the last lot ) and take it a bit more seriously after all the brilliant prints that have been appearing on the site.<br /><br />Thanks Fiona for your hints about not trying it on the kitchen worktop LOL and that it only works with a piece of glass on top. Saves me experimenting and getting in a right mess.<br /><br />Thea, sorry I&#39;m a bit late, I see Fiona has given you the link to the video on dendritic art on one of her posts. It&#39;s a bit messy but good fun.

Hang on Studio Wall

I would have had another go at this but I managed to break the glass!! so you'll have to put up with this version. ( The legs leave a lot to be desired, a bit like mine really LOL )

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