Sparrow Amongst the Catkins

Sparrow Amongst the Catkins

agreed, this is a super drawing Val, great colours and so detailed

The humble sparrow. They look like just another little brown bird until you actually study the different shades of brown; from nearly black through chestnuts to (in the case of the one I have) white. And I can tell you, there is nothing humble about them when there is something they have their eye on....and they want it! Lol. I love the way you have done the markings on the back and that well practiced 'fed up' look.

Captured the character well, I like the pose, and the feather detail

Posted by K 0 on Wed 29 Jan 16:56:16

Thank you for looking and taking the time to leave your generous comments Glennis, Ros, Fiona. Kevin and Satu. I agree Fiona, they look like such dull little birds 'til you look at them closely and see all the different colours in their feathers.

I just love it Val, where abouts in Scotland are you? I live in Stranraer.

Wonderfully delicate and very beautiful.

Beautifully drawn, Val. So very elegant!

Hang on Studio Wall

A dry watercolour pencil drawing on Bristol Board. I don't think dry watercolour pencils are suited to bristol board as it is too smooth and shiney. I much prefer the softer Caran D'Ache Luminance and Polychromos on this paper. W/C pencils work better on a slightly more textured surface, well that's my excuse anyway :) Sorry, it looks a tad fuzzy for some reason. Photo ref PA Jones. Thanks for taking a peek.

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