Two Peaches

Two Peaches

Very strong gorgeous colour, the black really pushes out the colours Val. Lets eat them.

Playing around! This is fabulous Val! So rich... like John says, let's eat them ;))

Very striking, love the strong colours

Thank you John, Carole, Linda and Russell for you positive feedback, much appreciated.

A lovely painting of fruit in such vibrant colours well done Val

I don't think you need to try harder, this is top class. Maybe just relax and enjoy your obvious skill?

excellent Val they look like delicious peaches

They are fabulous Val, the black background really makes them shine! Each piece of fruit looks marvellous and the shine on the cherries are great. I may have said this before but I love the fact that you are "unrestricted by formal teaching", wish I'd thought of it, lol.

Beautifully painted Val

Well I like it Val, so superbly painted.

Absolutely fantastic Val! I love still lives with dark backgrounds, they sing!

Excellent work! I like the title, too...

Gorgeous and rich Val!

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to leave your generous comments and feedback.

They look like fuzzy peaches to me Val - lovely.

I love it Val a real beauty

Wow, thank you everyone for your kind comments, I wish I'd used a better support for this now.

Hang on Studio Wall

I called it two peaches in case they all looked too much like apples :) Griffin alkyd oil on a cheap and nasty canvas board I found at the back of a cupboard. I might have tried a bit harder had it been on a decent support but I was just playing around andit's all good practice.

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