Rain over Plockton

Rain over Plockton

This is lovely Val, the brightly coloured boats and the white crofts really lift it. You have every right to be pleased with it, it's delightful!

This has a lovely feel to it. Very effective use of colours.

Beautiful colours Val and such great contrasts.

I love shapes and this is such a great example - super stuff Val

It looks like I'm the coo's tail this time Val!! I can only echo what's already been said, it's a super example of lights and darks played off one another. I love the faded out distant hills....lots of depth.

This is beautiful, Val! It has a lovely smooth look and such wonderful definition in the darks. The gleaming white houses are a perfect foil for the greens and blues. Really love this one.

I remember this one from AF Val, and it's just as good as I remember it - you should do more landscapes in WC !

Many thanks for your lovely comments everyone, it's a good feeling when I actually manage to paint a passable landscape in watercolour ( I find pastel much easier ) and you've all boosted my confidence :)

This is delightful, Val! I love the clear pristine atmosphere and the super palette. I think you should do more watercolor landscapes, you certainly did a fantastic job with this!

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I seem to have done a few rainy paintings this year, must be something to do with the weather we have had :) I painted this one earlier in the year and is one of very few watercolour landscapes of mine that don't end up in the bin. I love watercolour though landscapes always seem to defeat me, but I was quietly pleased with this one. I'm sure that all you expert watercolourists out there can see lots of things wrong with it so please point them out to me, it can only help me to get better. ( I hope) Thanks for looking.

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