Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho

Oh brilliant! This made me laugh, just what I needed to cheer me up

I like it Val

Brilliant! :) I'd say more but my comment might be censored :)

Nice one, Val, I love it !!!! By the look of his rosy red cheeks , I think that maybe there was a piece of that holly left on the chair before he sat down.(LOL)

Love it Val, lets hope he gets what he wants for Christmas!

Made me smile, Val! Cheeky and cheerful! Love it!

Dare I be the one to say it? - it's a cracker!!! I know dreadful pun but super idea !! love it.

So this is what goes on in your mind, is it? I see......

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, it was painted for a bit of fun so if I do turn it into a card I think I'll have to be selective as to who I send it to. Definitely no elderly aunts LOL Kay, I think I must have modelled his face on a knitted Santa my mother made for my children about 35years ago. He still comes out every Christmas and is much loved but he is the most miserable Santa you have ever seen. LOL Alan I think that bottle on the floor behind him is also responsible for his rosy glow, it's empty! Robert, blame Mr.Spicer, he started it all and got me thinking so it's all down to him..........

Great sense of artistic humour - Hallelujah - I am not alone - Val I love you for this - Its Great!!!!!!

Just brilliant Val.......!

Oooo Michael you're making me blush, thank you for the lovely compliment and thank you too Fiona your comments are always appreciated.

Wow, so glad I caught this... Santa's pretty buff.... perhaps I'll stay up this year.... well done Val :)

Sorry for being so late with my comment but I am glad I saw this. How original! Super!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

A possible Christmas card for this year inspired by a thread on the forum. I promise no husband was harmed in the painting of this card and , as you can probably tell, I have never attended life drawing classes given that the knees bear an uncanny likeness to my manikins. Only Mrs Claus knows what Santa's knees look like without his long red trousers on....LOL

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