This is lovely, Val! Good art has always pushed boundaries, and your exploration of something different will, I'm sure, inform your more mainstream pieces in a positive way. Not to mention that this is a smashing piece on its own - love the fabulous graphic look and design.

Thanks Seok. My daughter and I are trying candle making this weekend in old china tea cups and other pots :)

What talent you have Val, this is beautiful! Even a little bee ;) good luck with candle making.

Art is everything to do with creating Val. This is a lovely piece and you may, in time, do more of these. Just enjoy whatever you do, and show us your results whatever they are. Sometimes a rest can refresh you. Enjoy your candle making.

Val, I've just had a MONTH without picking up a paint brush....nearly drove me mad. I thought I wouldn't remember which end of the paint brush to put the paint on if I didn't do something soon! I picked up some scrappy bits of pastel that I found in a draw and I've just been making marks with them really....seems to have done the trick though, perhaps this kind of thing will give you the nudge Val. I must say it's a super piece, part of my garden is planted for wildlife and this would look great in it for sale? What you need is a lovely few days in bonny

You may not be painting but your creative juices are still working Val. This is lovely and the addition of the bee is a cute little extra.

Excellent creativity Val I love it

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on this piece, much appreciated. Hopefully I'll refind my love of painting very soon. Fiona, you are welcome to this if you really want it but it's far too heavy to post. If you are ever up near Stirling let me know and we can arrange something, alternatively if I ever get down to Galloway I'll bring it with me :)

So great to see different ideas being tried out - it help keeps us all fresh and prevents boredom - and this a great experiment - hope to see a few more.

Thanks Michael, candle making this weekend :)

That sounds like a good plan Val!

Hang on Studio Wall

Lost the heart for painting at the moment so trying different things instead. My daughter and I had a craft day a couple of weeks ago and and this is the result of my efforts. ( sorry not a good photo ). Glass and polished gem stone chips on an old roof slate, now hanging on the garden fence :) Not quite a mosaic and not a painting I know but thanks for taking a peek.

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