A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

This is so so good Val. I bet they are very pleased with this, I know I would be. You do not need any alteration everything about it is exceptional. Excellent.

Gosh, that was quick. Thanks Jeannette, now I've got that finished I can stop fretting and concentrate on something a little less stressful! Does everyone find commissions stressful or is it just me?!!

I love this! The detail in the wellies is remarkable, and I think the composition is such fun. I agree that commisions are frequently too stressful, but you must be so pleased with this!

No alterations needed. This is lovely. I feel the same about commissions; they drive me crazy. My last one the buyer kept saying the dog was too dark. Although he'd sent me a photo of it when young, he actually wanted it to be as it is now; 10 yrs old and grey! Mind reader?

This is impressive...I think you have the emphasis exactly where it should be, on the people. Lovely memento! The few commissions I have done, too few really, to qualify for any comment from me, have been a source of anxiety, and were butterflies in the tummy times! On the whole I think most clients are satisfied with an artist's work and don't fuss....it is ourselves who get anxious, usually unnecessarily!

A lovely painting Val...I agree with Lesley,a good fun composition and the wellies are great...Well done.....Steve.

Hi Val, I would be very pleased if I were the commissioner. I love the little bouncy gait. It should bring them very happy memories, just as it is.

Thank you Lesley, Diana, Ruth, Steve and Colleen. I worried about doing the wellies but they were surprisingly easy in the end with pastel pencils and just hinting at the pattern.

Superb pastel painting Val. You need not have worried about this one! I like the lovely colours and the way the light falls on their clothes. The path and background great.

Beautiful painting. Perfectly believable poses in both figures. Vibrant, interesting colours.

Agree with all the above, and I love the back ground, its perfect. Lovely painting.

Thank you Carole, Thea and Karleen for taking the time to look and leave such positive comments.

Beautiful work and lovely colours.

Thanks for your comments. Wow! What's wrong with your paintings! Wish I could do pastels. Is it like using charcoal?

This is great too. Very peaceful somehow. The background is just right I think.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on colourfix pastel card. 25cm/35cm. This is a commission I have just finished and have the customers permission to post on here. I'm quite pleased with the figures and enjoyed doing them but I struggled with the background ( don't I always !) There was a lot of greenery and trees in the original photo but I needed to calm it down so as not to distract from Gran and Granddaughter. This was the Grandaughters first visit to the UK which they wanted to record in a painting of a happy memory. I find commissions rather stressful worrying about whether or not the customer will like it, fortunately he loves it. Comments very welcome for future reference though too late to make any alterations now !

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