Eastwards through the Window

Eastwards through the Window

I love these type of looking our the window paintings. There is something about them that draws you in. Great foliage (which is my bete noire) so I really admire anyone who can pull off painting greenery. Beautiful garden as well. Really like your window frame and surround - very well painted. Altogether a lovely, attractive and happy painting.

What a fun painting; bright and cheerful. I think I should try that- maybe get mine out into the garden! Good luck with the still life; let us know if it works. I thought my teenage son was bad but his father is far worse. What is it with this big clothes hook on the floor? Seems to work with newspapers too.

Rosalind Grover So love this! It is a lovely colourful garden scene, one can imagine being inside looking out. I have painted a picture in a box frame to represent my window also, not finished yet, hope it can be as successful as yours. Good luck with the still life of clotheson the floor, I have fully grown boys/men, living at home, so I know what you mean.

What a neat idea. So well done as well. maybe we should all have a go at this as a project. Could be anything beyond the window.... like.

I am not surprised that you wanted to paint this view through your window. It is smashing !

Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. Thea, this was an exercise in trying to overcome my fear of greens, but I do find them easier to do in oils rather than watercolour for obvious reasons.LOL Diana, men, they are all the same aren't they?!! Rosalind, get posting, everyone's sooo helpful and friendly on this site. Looking forward to seeing some of yours.Sylvia, good idea, it would be interesting to see the views from other peoples windows. Beatrice, I take no credit for the view, gardening is my husbands domain, I just enjoy lazing in it !LOL

I for one don't think that you have any problems with your greens, ever, Val. It was perhaps more colour balance in the camera/computer production of the fisherman's hut than any error in your greens that day...I like what I see here Val. A sort of Tracey Emin on canvas perhaps?

Thanks Phil. The reason perhaps you don't think I have problems with green is the fact that a watercolour with lots of foliage in it very rarely gets posted in my gallery as they always end up in the bin! Oils and pastels are slightly easier as they can be corrected to a certain extent but I'm rarely satisfied with them, I keep trying though!! ( and hubby agrees, I'm very trying) By the way, what happened to "my favourite things" in your gallery? I really liked those and often went back for another look.

Beautifully done Val. Your garden looks gorgeous. Such an unusual perspective so very well painted. One to be proud of. I am coming back to life. PS Hope all is well with you? Jeannette x

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on box canvas. A view of the garden from the spare bedroom which has spurred my husband on to tidying up the overgrown borders and cutting back the wild climbing roses! The view is now a little neater. My next project will be a still life of clothes on a bedroom floor etc..............do you think it will work ?!!

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