Fully open

Fully open

this is lovely.............love the centre...........details amazing

This is quite beautiful Val, Lovely background complimenting the Rose, one to be proud of. Did you stretch the linen onto a frame? What is it like painting on linen? Did you have to size it with anything? Anyway - Excellent.

I don't think it went wrong in any way. Just the contrary. Love the contrasts. Beautiful painting!

You critisize yourself too much, I think this is great. The tones are worked very well and actually I really like the sunlight hitting the rose, the centre's detail is painted very well. Good Job!!

I think this is lovely, it caught my eye as soon as I saw it.

Really like this painting Val. We are our own worst critics at times very well done.Best regards Paul.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. You've made me realise that just because it doesn't turn out as you see it in your minds eye, it doesn't necessarily make it a bad painting. You've all cheered me up, thanks again.

This is lovely and delicate Val, each petal draws you further in

Thanks for the comment on the pastel Val. I have been messing around looking on the forum and the gallery when I should be painting. I think it will have to be a quick watercolour now. Probably looking very much the same as everyone else's!!!

I'm still catching up with my gallery favourites this is up to your usual high standards & style Val...I for one like the stronger shadow contrast over the more wishy-washy approach of rose painters...well done, I like it.

Adds PS I like your boxed VK signature too....

Thanks Phil. This is my new signature on oils and maybe pastels. Found it very hard to do a full signature in oils, looked like someone with learning difficulties had attempted it ! Much easier with watercolours though. Hope you don't think I'm copying you!

Hi Val. I have finally found where I left this comment (I seem to miss that page 2 thing) your VK is OK with me...You must admit it is quicker...I now use a silver metallic roller-ball (Biro?) for my rebus PK [the boxed PK design]...as you can guess it is copyright protected too...If you decide to do your VK as a rebus that is absolutely fine too...I would suggest that once you have decided how you are going to make this mark you should copy it into your art folder on your computer...as a reference...there must be other VK's out there too...

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on linen. ( I got some on special offer!! ) 30cm / 30 cm. Been working on this one on and off for weeks, had to keep putting it away from sight as it wasn't working out as I'd hoped. Not turned out as I would have liked but given up on it. From a photo I took when the rose was in full sun, hence the dark shadows. Think this is where it went wrong!!

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