Money for Old Rope

Money for Old Rope

Looks good to me...

Oh my god how ever did you manage this one.It is so clever - light against dark is great. I don't know whether I would have the patience. Talking about nightmares, Some paintings have given me nightmares literally! Very well don Val. Whilst I am here I shall post a couple.

So this is it Val - THE challenge - can see why - as a former draughtsman I can appreciate the intricacy & accuracy needed to complete it - bet it took over your life for a while - love the light & shade which gives depth - wouldn't like to untangle them - excellent.

Great patience Val. If you don't want to see ropes again, steer clear of Clovelly. I hear the locals drape metres of the stuff over a particular bollard, on the jetty, just to see how many photographers and artists they can attract! Super precision. Val. Regards John

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50cm / 40cm. A challenge set me by my daughter from her photo of some fishermans ropes. I enjoyed the challange at the start but was having nightmares about it by the end. I feel I could have done better but I never want to see another length of rope, string etc ever again!!!

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I am a self taught artist or, as I like to say, I'm "unrestricted by formal teaching" which probably explains my mish mash of styles. I paint in most media, watercolour, gouache, oil, coloured pencil and my favourite, soft pastels. I'm inspired by the Scottish landscape, nature and animals and…

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