I think that he's absolutely gorgeous Marjorie!!

It's brilliant Val so bright and beautiful

You should be happy, he's gorgeous. A few years back these were a regular visitor to my garden, not any more , pity such a beautiful bird....also the twig is really well done, nice job Val.

I think he's gorgeous Val! Super detail and the perfect pose and expression of a Goldfinch.

Well,Isnt he a Beut Val.

Beautiful bird Val expertly done, lovely shading in his feathers.

I like this a lot Val cannot understand why you're not happy with it , sometimes we are to hard on ourselves 😊

I think it's super, Val. I love how you convey the soft, downy feathers and the very alert expression. It's beautifully done!

Many thanks everyone for your kind comments. I just feel I could have blended his chest feathers a bit better. As someone said "looks like he's wearing a bra" :)

He's beautifully colourful - just great!

I love this work Val! Such great rendition of the bird done with pencils! wow!!! I admire the details, his little claws, the fine work around his little face. Brilliant!!! I want more :D

Thank you so much Avril and Bea.

Good colour and alert. I so love the goldfinches.

Thank you very much John.

Hang on Studio Wall

Done mainly in polychromos from a copyright free photo, sorry I can't remember the photographers name. Not too happy with this one, "could do better" springs to mind :) C & C welcome.

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