Beautiful detail and delicate colour Val.

Val this is brilliant, that brass padlock catching the light against the rusty latch and the old wood colours fantastic! Love it.

Excellent work, Val. The details are super, with the metal looking like metal, and the wood like wood. The colours work a treat. Lovely portrayal of an unusual subject. Bri

You've done a great job with this Val, the different materials are excellently shown.

Love the colours, makes the metal work really stand out😀

Fabulous detail, Val.

Ooh Val this is marvellous! All aspects of this painting are great.

What great comments, thank you John, Carole, Brian, Marjorie, Linda, Ellen and Margaret.

You’ve done a tremendous job of capturing all the different textures of the subject the wood grain and rusty nail/screws.

Sorry I'm a bit late but thank you Peter, Fiona and Gudrun for your generous comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. Spent a pleasant few hours painting this, I'm much happier painting "things" in watercolour rather than landscapes :) Adapted from a copyright free photo on Pixabay.

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