Lighting up the Trees.

Lighting up the Trees.

lovely work John, you've captured the light very well.

And it's light that inspires me to keep at it John, I'm not interested in just recording a landscape, I'm always after that spark that will help me to create something that I hope is exciting, (although it doesn't always work out). This is lovely with some super greens.

Nice vibrant work John really glows beautiful, I feel like I want to paint one big dark eye catching tree exactly in front of the light . Your such a great painter I took a copy of the painting and isolated the Duck and an area around it and it was fantastic. I've deleted it now though but I really liked it and it is painted superbly as is this one

Good strong use of pastel.

Wonderful use of pastel to capture the light

What wonderful light, colour and textures John, beautifully captured.

Such dedication John brilliant again

What a lovely glow through the trees John, I have seen it all around the country lanes this autumn and you have really captured it well with this painting.

Thanks willie and Sandra appreciated.

Thanks Alan, yes that’s what it’s all about the light.

Thanks for the compliment Dennis. Oh you should have put it up on the gallery. Have another go would love to see it.

Thanks Stephen,Annie, Fiona, and Linda. You feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks Dennis Rounding, I just love art and painting.

A beautiful glow coming through the trees John, very nice work.

You caught very well the light effect of the low sun, John. I like your new photo profile too.

Not a medium I've dabbled with , but you use it so well. Vibrant with great light.

excellent again John

Love the glowing low sunlight on the last of the leaves John. Our trees are almost bare now.

Blazing sunlight John, you really know how to use this ever so difficult medium - brilliant.

Beautiful light John excellent painting

Great use of colors. As Picasso said, the nature is not to be copied but created by the artist/

The master of light at work again. Beautiful John.

Hang on Studio Wall

10x8 inches. on location piece of pastel work. As the winter comes the low positon of the sun brings some really good light effect on our landcape.

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