Afternoon In Heaven

Afternoon In Heaven

Fabulous pastel John, I can sense the atmosphere and the smell of damp fallen leaves. Also like the hazy sunny distance.

Wonderful scene John.

Just love this, John, beautiful range of greens, and you're really drawn into the picture. Agree with Carole about the hazy sunny distance.

I like this John. I notice it's 9 x 7 inches. (Here's a thought...on my monitor I'm seeing it much larger...roughly 16 x 11 inches. It still looks great. I've noticed this with posts of some of my smaller pics, we're not seeing a true representation of the work, but a magnified one. I guess we have to bear this in mind when looking a smaller paintings.)

Ooo it's lovely John, should wish our life away but can't wait for some sunshine and warm weather 😀

And heaven created John beautiful work and depth and light

Lovely woodland pastel scene John, love your greens and light in this, certainly leads you into the picture

Thank you Carole, Sandra, Jenny, Lewis, Linda, Dennis, David, Annick, and Russell. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Wonderful painting John. So clever handling of all those greens, and buckets of atmosphere. Love it.

Lovely light again John, this is masterful.

Masterly greens John and I love the rich darks in the foreground. Looking forward to getting out again, painting indoors, even a still life set up in all this grey light, sucks every ounce of inspiration out of me.

You captured the light and colours perfectly.

Posted on Tue 09 Jan 15:31:24

What a wonderful pastel John, I feel I could walk right in!

Thank you Sharon, Willie, Fiona, Ibolya, Margaret, and Maureen. Your comments are appreciated.

Press on Fiona, press on. The light comes from within.

Lovely colour and light John :)

One of your best.

Posted by T H on Tue 09 Jan 22:07:51

Almost missed this beauty, John. Wonderful colours as ever.

I love this, such a beautiful painting

This is absolutely gorgeous everything about it! Like a beautiful fairy glen!

Heaven on earth John, would love to 'scooter' here, that goes for all your outdoor paintings!

Hang on Studio Wall

En plein air. SIze 9x7 inches. Medium Pastel. Noting like sitting out painting on a late Sunny September afternoon.

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