Great artists often have an affinity with the realm of dreams. Excursions into the dreamlike are visionary and free from rules. A limited palette here , a dream with little colour. Interesting and free.

Beautifully atmospheric and I love imagining what is through that gap.

Love the colours and granulation in the sky John, also like the spiky free foreground. Perhaps your next dream will reveal the view from the top.

Like it John look forward to the next steps maybe you'll walk through the gap

Dreams never make any sense to me, but they make good subjects for paintings, as here.

This is a fabulous little watercolour John, so simple but it all works so well.

Thank you Andre, Sandra, Carole, Dennis,Lewis, and Alan. Doubly if I shall go that way again. Lol Your feedback is appreciated.

Imaginative work John, like the undulating theme.

Works well. Love those earthy colours.

Posted by T H on Thu 01 Feb 09:54:17

Like the grass details in foreground and the earthy colours.

Absolutely lovely, John! Inspired and inspiring!

Love the interesting colours for your dream John. My dreams do not make sense either.

That gap is rather enticing John

Thank you Stephen, Tim, Annick, Ruth, Mary, Russell and Dennis. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Yes, it has a dream like quality to it, especially the light centre. Good work John.

Love the sky and granulation of the colours. Alas we’ll never know what lays beyond.

Ellen there are only Horizons and we shall never reach them. Thank you for your comment.

A lot of atmosphere in this piece, John. I especially like your rendition of the sky.

Thank you Margaret, Seok and Gudrun. Your feedback is appreciated.

John, it’s wonderful!

Lovely earth colours. Nice marks. Really like the foreground marks.

Posted on Thu 01 Feb 19:16:53

Beautiful watercolour, John, the light on the background gives a sense of mystery.

Like the impressionistic, dreamlike look! - lovely watercolour

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, size A4 on sketchbook paper. Imaginative piece from the opening of a dream. I had to walk through that gap between the trees. But I do not know what happened I never do with dreams. They are often in bits and do not make much sense.

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