Trapped by a Sick Slick

Trapped by a Sick Slick

This is really "funny", Paul. Very original and I love the way you painted this. Looking for more (LOL) paintings, I mean!

Tee hee..... your sister will love you, posting her embarrassment here for all to see. Put a link on Facebook so all her friends can see it - don't tell her I said so. Love the expression on the face of the duck.

Wot a orrible bruva u r Paul!! Great painting though, look forward to seeing any of your work...serious or otherwise. Thanks very much for the comments you have left on my postings Paul and the boat one has been re-named 'Tranquil Passage' by the way.....thanks for that too!!

Errrgh! But great! But errrrgh!

This is what I really would like to do. You do. Painting something very ordinary thing which surround us. Auotmatically, we look for something beautiful scenaries, but interesting and beautiful subjects are everywhere. I can learn from this piece. Great piece. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks everyone. Mia, Fiona & Caroline- It'll have to be something sensible next. My sister is unwilling to embarass herself often enough to keep the ideas coming?!? Robert - Only a bad man would suggest such a thing......definitely worth considering though! Midori - I am pleased to receive such a comment from someone who's work I have enjoyed so much lately.

This is lots of fun and taken from every day life......with it's ups and downs! I love the taps and tilesand your palette.

Not so much of the ups and downs, this is more a case of in's and out's, but I'll let it go....every pun intended!

Gross story, but I love that duck! Such clear washes and a super composition. Thank you very much for your recent comment on my work. I'm glad to have discovered your gallery. You have some real gems!

Thank you Seok for the various comments you've left in my Gallery. Glad you liked some of the stuff you saw.

Hang on Studio Wall

I apologise up front to anyone of a delicate disposition. I've started 2012 on a silly note after my sister was stupid enough to tell me that after partying on New Years Eve she'd had an 'accident' (of the technicolour yawn variety) whilst soaking in the bath the next morning. Well what's a git of a brother supposed to do? I believe it's now on show in her Barf room!......I haven't had much time for painting yet this year, but I'll post something sensible soon.

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