"These Are Not Dark Days"

"These Are Not Dark Days"

I love it Paul. The stone contrasts so well with the background and you have really captured the brilliant sunlight perfectly.

This is a striking watercolour, Paul. The subject matter is great and the aged effect on the stone is just as it should be, as are the shadows and patches of warm sunlight. It really tells a story.

Thank you Ladies, I appreciate your generous comments.

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On a brilliantly sunny day I was drawn to this statue of Churchill because of the shadows draped across it. I was also struck by the thought of such a prominent man being 'in the shade' or 'overshadowed' etc....so I took the photo. The painting has not come out as intended at all. When I first 'finished' it, the statue looked flat and uninteresting. The colours in the initial wash were way too weak and almost disappeared completely when scanned. I've gone over it twice since to try and inject a bit of interest but now the shadows look too pale. I decided to call it a day with this one or it will end up looking worse. PS, the face and, in particular, the neck are actually as green and pockmarked as I've painted. Maybe I could have been a little kinder and made him look a little less beaten up.

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